8 NOVEMBER 2017:

Twee workshops/lezingen door:


Grondlegger van Yoga Gita, yoga beyond styles.

Yoga and day to day life:  18.30- 20.00 uur.
Solve and Evolve:               20.15- 21.45 uur.

One on one sessions ook mogelijk.

Connecting practice of Yoga to day to day life – Yoga is actually a way of life. What you learn
on the mat should eventually lead in transforming you to a state where best possible
expressions will flow in your actions when you are interacting with day-to-day life situations. This
link of connecting your practice to the inner transformation and outer conscious presentation
of your Self in day-to-day life is established in this session.

Solve and evolve – The whole civilization process of modern humans has created a deep trap of patterns. In the name of religion, nationality, system, parentage, education etc. humans are strongly influenced and surrounded by patterns from both inside and outside and have been made to express their life in a very limited and particular way. The great yogis of ancient India understood this trapping fact of life and found a methodology called Yoga by which any modification into a particular way can be taken into control. In the philosophical language it is expressed as building the ability to manifest life beyond the influence of karma or past energy expression.

One on one sessions with Vijay Gopala.
– Expressions of you in life can reach to the highes possible potential, by harmonizing your Self at body, breath and mind level.
Vijay Gopala gives his guidance and wisdom in a one on one life transformation session. This individual guidance will make you to effectively adopt the yogic wisdom into day to day life. Your wellness is valued in its totality, considering fullness of your existential nature, made up of physical, mental and spiritual, so that you will have access to your unlimited potential.
One on one life transforming counseling sessions with Vijay Gopala can be arranged through skype and face to face, book an appointment by sending an email to or phone Marianne, 06 36321373.
The fees for a 60 minutes session are €75/ $100.

Yoga Gita in Ommen ! 

Nu ook in Ommen, Yoga Gita lessen door Marianne Valk, die de opleiding tot Yoga Gita docente heeft gevolgd en voltooid bij Vijay Gopala, de grondlegger van Yoga Gita.

Vijay Gopala about YOGA GITA

¨Yoga Gita has been established to bring the real subject of Yoga at its deepest state. The practices include asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and philosophy.Our teaching will make you to effectively adopt the yogic essence into your modern day life style. Your wellness is valued in its totality considering fullness of your existential nature made up of physical, mental and spiritual.


Due to understanding of life and experiencing the self beyond all forms of conditionings, life is made to happen in its true form of celebration.

Our trainings are inspired by the contributions of sages for thousands of years and their Sadhana approach. It consists in giving individual guidance to the students, so that they will have access to their unlimited potential, they will be trained to handle Yoga classes by themselves, have a deep understanding of the self and develop a strong self practice.¨